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Taking Hemp from Soil to Sale

Hemp Drying, Hemp Extraction and Specialty Oils



From $2.25 Per Dry Pound of Hemp over 10k Ibs

Wet plant material is ground and dried ready for hemp extraction. Whole plants can be delivered to be ground prior to drying for uniformity. 

(3,000 Pound Minimum starting at $3.05 per lb)


Biomass Co2 Crude Extraction

From $2.50 Per Dry Pound of Hemp over 50k Ibs

Dried Hemp biomass extraction

(10,000 Pound Minimum starting at $3.05)


Specialty Distillate and Isolate

Contact Us for Current Pricing

Specialty Full Spectrum Distillate and Isolate processing


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Arbor Vita8 HQ

15 Copeland Drive
Phenix City, Alabama
36870, United States

Coastal Labs (California)

The CBD Store Seattle WA authorized reseller of Coastal Labs wholesale. Scott Salisbury owner. 253 221 9051.




We’re committed to your success. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses thrive and we look forward to discussing the potential and possibilities of making your business a success. Reach out for a free consultation!

 848 N. RAINBOW BLVD. #8086 LAS VEGAS, NV 89107


 800 619 1451

  • CBD Isolate

  • CBG Isolate

  • CBN Isolate

  • CBG Distillate

  • CBN Distillate

  • Broad Spectrum / THC Free Distillate

  • Full Spectrum

  • Crystal Resistant Distillate

  • Crude

  • Winterized Crude

  • Water Soluble

  • Smokeable Flower

  • Feminized Seeds

A critical component to converting your hemp biomass into a shelf stable, marketable commodity, our state of the art ethanol based extraction systems offer our customers the full suite of services, including crude extraction, distillation, isolation, pesticide & heavy metal remediation, polishing, THC remediation, and chromatography. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the highest quality products in the marketplace, processed to their exact specifications.

  • Crude Oil Extraction
  • Distillation
  • Isolation
  • THC Remediation

We specialize in large scale outdoor agriculture and have worked with government entities, regulators, and industry veterans to develop custom tailored hemp programs to achieve our client’s individual goals. Beginning with proper genetic selection based on geography and environmental conditions, our horticultural experts will assist you with every component of successful large-scale cultivation, including:

  • Row and Plant Spacings for Maximum Efficiency
  • Direct sowing versus transplants
  • Irrigation Methods
  • Soil Amendments & Nutrition Plan
  • Pest Control
  • Smoke-able Flower & Biomass Harvest Options
  • Compliance SOPs

In order to produce a top grade product efficiently and cost effectively, we’ve outfitted our facilities with the latest flower separation and trimming technologies. We separate your bucked flower into its three components, shake, small buds, and large buds, allowing you flexibility to maximize the value of each. Shake for oil extraction, small buds for pre-rolls, and large buds for smokeable flower. Our processing services include:

  • Bucking
  • Bucked Flower Separation
  • Trimming
  • Rehydration
  • Custom Terpene Infusion
  • Jarring
  • Vacuum Sealing

If you’re looking to start a new venture or expand your current business by selling hemp derived CPGs, we’ve got you covered. We represent the industries top brands and will provide you simple and economical solutions for a quick and consistent inventory supply chain. If you’re ready to launch your own brand, we can private label a variety of the best-selling hemp derived products, allowing you to re-allocate costly overhead capital to grow your brand. Our offerings include:

  • Oil Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Prerolls
  • Hemp Sticks

2100 Livingston St, Oakland, CA 94606


Apollo sciences provide pharma-grade extraction and refinement services for the industrial hemp industry. We are committed to producing consistent, high-quality ingredients for the global market and constantly searching for ways to break the status quo.






Pharma-grade manufacturer and Wholesaler of high-quality CBD 


Are your CoAs available?

Yes. All of our CoAs are specific to each batch and are available upon request or on our Client Portal for existing customers.

I would like to purchase 100+ kg per month of isolate. Can you handle this capacity?

Yes. Most definitely.

How much does your CBD cost?

Pricing varies depending on the amount ordered. Please contact

How do I purchase your CBD?

You can purchase our CBD by either contacting or by filling out our wholesale order form located under our wholesale tab.

Do you provide samples of your CBD products?

Yes. To qualify for a sample, please contact or call 303-548-4300 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM MST.

Where is Kind Roots Located?

We use UPS/USPS Priority Mail. Products should be delivered to the address you provide in 3-5 Business Days, depending on location. We ship to all 50 U.S. states, and internationally.

Does Kind Roots Botanicals grow hemp?

Yes, we grow all of our own hemp on our 1,200 acre farm in Wray, Colorado.

Kind Roots Botanicals is recognized as one of Colorado’s leading ingredient suppliers, distributing a wide range of raw materials for the food, fashion, personal care, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, pet supply, cosmetic, and medical research industries.

Who We Are

Leaders in the cultivation and extraction of the industrial hemp plant.

What We Do

Cultivation, extraction, research and product development.

What We Make

The highest quality CBD hemp based products.

Corporate Address
6860 South Yosemite Court
Suite 2000 Centennial, CO 80112

Extraction Facility Address
380 North Dexter Street
Wray, CO 80758

(303) 548-4300


Mountain Sciences (Colorado)

The CBD Store Seattle WA authorized reseller of Mountain Sciences wholesale. Scott Salisbury owner. 253 221 9051.


Mountain Sciences LLC

7240 S. Fraser Street

Centennial, CO 80112


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Call us today! +1 (303) 550-5601

Unrivaled Science. Unparalleled Quality.

USDA Organic Seal

USDA Certified Organic CBD Distillate & THC Remediation Services

It’s official! Treehouse now offers USDA organic 0% THC CBD distillate*. That means you don’t have to decide between a potent cannabinoid profile or organic anymore. If you’re looking to achieve the best profile possible from your own organic full spectrum extract, ask us about our USDA organic THC remediation services.

Wholesale CBD Distillates | Cannabinoid Isolates | THC Remediation Services

  • GMP-Certified-CBD-Seal
  • USDA Organic CBD Seal
  • Kosher Certified CBD Seal

For general inquiries:


For sales inquiries call:



29 Industrial Park Rd, Sterling CT, 06377

T: +1 (401) 217 5973 (ask for Steve)

Steve DelBene

New England Extraction, LLC (NEX), formerly Connecticut Valley Hemp Drying and Extraction LLC, was formed in July 2019 by David C. Levine, MD a retired general surgeon and medical educator. Dr. Levine cultivated a team of experienced motivated and compassionate scientists whose combined experience exceeds 25 years in the cannabis and hemp industry. NEX produces the finest cannabinoid products under strict Quality Control from seed to sale. NEX controls the choice of seed, growing site, harvesting, pest management and fertilizer application, drying, curing, extraction, distillation and isolation of CBD and minor cannabinoids in association with local family farms. Our products undergo internal and certified external third-party analysis at each step of our process. All our products are manufactured from either locally sourced hemp from our own contract farmers or imported from other verified farmers throughout the nation. This allows us to acquire the finest quality biomass for extraction. Whatever it is on our label is in our product.




GaXtracts is a global bioscience company delivering pure, tested and proven wellness products to the world. Brands include: Botanif Hand Sanitizer & Dragonfly CBD Industries We Serve: – Agriculture – Pharmaceuticals – Biochemicals Service We Offer: – Agricultural Consulting – Product Testing – Processing

Contact Us


  • Kirk Burns 
  • 224-944-4284 (Mobile)


Cryo-Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is a cost-effective, safe, and efficient process to create high quality organic extracts. We perform all Ethanol extractions under cryogenic temperatures, allowing us to produce a higher quality output in a more time effective manner. The result is a shelf stable whole plant extract containing all synergetic phytocannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids


Distillation of Winterized Crude is an additional purification step that involves removing all residual sugars, waxes and non beneficial impurities. The result is a beautiful golden-amber oil rich in all naturally occurring cannabinoids



This concentrate is 99%+ pure isolated CBD. This white powder is isolated CBD in a crystalline form with 0% THC**. This ensures the following for our clients manufacturing needs: color, consistency, purity and compliance.



This concentrate has undergone molecular separation through liquid chromatography and results in a Zero THC** Broad Spectrum Distillate. This product has been remediated of THC and is our most thoroughly purified Distillate, still containing all CBD, minor and trace phytocannabinoids maximizing its therapeutic, economic, and R&D value to you.


Liquid Chromatography

Zero, 0%, THC Free are defined as THC < the Limit of Quantification. Mia Canna defines its THC LoQ as <= 0.1%, and defines its THC LoD (limit of detection) as <=0.03%.


owned by Layn Corp
Food Safety System Certification 22000cGMPFDAUnknownMaielis Ulama
CNASNon GMO ProjectCertified HalalKosher CheckEcoadis

HempRise™, a wholly-owned US-based subsidiary of global botanical ingredient giant Layn Corp, is dedicated to global leadership in the agronomy and production of industrial hemp extract ingredients at commercial scale. Backed by over 25 years of proven farming, extraction, supply chain, and ingredient experience, HempRise™ brings unprecedented scale and expertise to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of superior quality, food-grade, GMP compliant, THC compliant, cannabinoid ingredients. We are the largest supplier of US grown, USDA Certified Organic hemp extracts in the United States. Our goal is to provide our customers compelling value and competitive advantage through proven farming, extraction, traceability, and transparency to deliver superior ingredient quality, consistency, efficacy, taste, color, and solubility. Contact us today!

Specializing in Wholesale Full Spectrum Distillate, THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate, and Isolate.

Colby Terlip

Sunflower Hemp Co.
3002 North Rotary Terrace
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Office Hours: M – F 9am – 5pm CST
Office Phone Number: 1-620-670-2260

Sunflower Hemp Co. is a Manufacturer and Provider of Wholesale CBD Ingredient Solutions for Manufacturers and Brands

  • Sunflower Hemp Co. is a licensed Industrial Hemp Processor in the state of Kansas.

  • Using short path distillation and chromatography we produce high-quality Full Spectrum Distillate, THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate, and CBD isolates.

  • Sunflower Hemp Co. also provides ancillary services such as winterization, toll processing of crude to distillate and isolate, and THC remediation. 

  • Our facility and all our SOP’S are cGMP certification-ready and we are in the process of obtaining our certification.

  • We use in house and 3rd party testing to ensure the potency, purity, and safety of our products. 

  • 3rd party COA’s are included with every batch and every order.

  • We track the origins of our CBD crude oil and provide documentation so you can provide seed to sale documentation for your customers.

  • We are a small business that takes pride in our transparency, reliability, and products.

  • You are always invited to come and tour our facility and if you purchase any of our products or utilize any of our services we will always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • We are here for the long run and our reputation is important to us – please reach out if you are looking for a reliable supplier with consistent high-quality output.


We make CBD usable

We are excited to introduce our newest ingredient, Pūr! A unique feature of Pūr, when compared to other water-soluble CBD products, is its ability to form a molecular solution. This product is available in both liquid and powder applications and will remain stable and completely transparent in water.

Connect with our team
Clint Buchner (Founder)
(320) 316-3170
to request a sample box or to learn more.

Who We Are

With our first extraction operation built-in 2018, we have been committed to growing and scaling with the cannabinoid industry. Devoted to quality, we have continued to innovate and grow our equipment, team, and processes.  Our new 15,000 sq state of the art facility is located in Simpson County, Kentucky. When you choose us, you are choosing quality, experience, and efficiency.

Fully Licensed GMP Facility

Located in Simpson County, KY
15,000 lb/day Biomass to CBD Isolate


Mon – Fri
8 AM to 5 PM


490 Corona Ave
Santa Rosa, NM 88435




All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Wholesale CBD Crude Oil

If you would like to purchase large quantities or are interested in becoming a wholesale partner, we would love to talk. We offer CBD hemp oil at wholesale prices for bulk orders. Please fill out our Contact Form.

Wholesale CBD Distillate

After thorough third-party testing, we send off the crude to our partnering labs to further refine it to isolate and distillates. We have found this to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to process extracts, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. 

Hemp Services


We understand that hemp that has not been thoroughly dried can be susceptible to mold and mildew. At Brushy Bee CBD, we offer hemp drying services. Within our 35,000-square-foot facility, we have allocated drying and storage space for biomass. We charge per pound of biomass to dry and store.


Toll processing allows hemp farmers to convert hemp biomass to hemp extracts including CBD oil, distillate and isolate. Once your hemp biomass has completed the tolling process you can then sell the extract or have it further manufactured into CBD products. We can arrange to split the extracted oil or simply charge a per kilo output price to toll your biomass.


Depending on the hemp, source materials can have unexpected debris from harvest like wood, roots, rocks or other foreign matter. Different hemp strains and packing methods will vary in density and moisture content. The type of materials being used, like flowers and trim versus the full plant can potentially disrupt the pre-conditioning prior to oil extraction. We can efficiently grind hemp plants or flowers and trim to the exact needs for our CBD oil extraction process. We can include hemp milling in our contract to extract CBD. We can also grind third-party hemp at a price per pound of biomass.


Hemp owners may require a processor to extract their CBD. Brushy Bee CBD can provide this service.



3040 Black Creek Road Southeast
Wilson, NC 27893


If you’re looking for all the right compliance initials, you’ll find them right here very soon.

cGMP, EU GMP, and ISO 9001 compliance are in process, meaning all of our products have the highest quality standards from the soil to finished products integrated in all procedures. Relationships built by our Industrial Hemp Quality Manager ensures our farming partners adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), using a trusted seed source to ensure consistency and reliability of each plant’s genetics. 

Call us at


1038 Culp Rd. STE 600
Pineville, NC 28134
Email us at

Whole Plant Extract

A simple, safe scalable, cost and space-efficient, all-natural, full-plant extraction solution did not exist. Until now.

About Benchmark Extraction Process

With a reverence for nature, Benchmark leads the hemp industry with its LipidBond™ process. Our team of experienced technology and hemp experts have created a proprietary, patent-pending, completely green, single process that naturally unlocks the pure potential of the plant.

Using all-natural ingredients and heat, our process is solventless, resulting in a clean, consistent, non-toxic product, activated for maximum user benefit.

How the Extraction Process Produces the Entourage Effect

This extraction process produces pure, full-spectrum CBD oil. It preserves all the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll. This means you get the maximum benefits! Benchmark exercises complete control of the extraction so nothing else makes its way into the products.

Cannabinoids are simply the compounds in the cannabis plant. CBD is the most well-known cannabinoid. But when you get CBD isolate, you’re missing out on over a hundred other cannabinoids that benefit you in different ways.

A terpene is the fragrant part of the cannabis plant. Every terpene can benefit you in at least one way. Terpenes can do everything from boost your mood to reduce inflammation to relieve your pain. There are 200 terpenes in the cannabis plant! If a company isn’t preserving all those terpenes in its CBD oil, you’re missing out on lots of benefits.

When you’re getting all these components from the CBD oil, you’re able to experience the entourage effect. Simply put, the entourage effect is when all the components of the cannabis plant are working together. You experience more benefits when the components are together than when they are separate. Because of this, you’re getting the most bang for your buck by using the incredible extraction process that wastes nothing.

Bar chart - Benchmark
The Dangers of Extraction with Solvent

A lot of people turn to CBD because it’s a more natural approach to wellness. But if they get their CBD from a manufacturer that uses solvents and other additives, you aren’t getting the truly natural experience you crave. Benchmark created this special extraction process to be both natural and effective. Consumers who take this CBD won’t have to second-guess what’s going in their bodies. They’ll know it’s made of pure, natural ingredients!

Because this process doesn’t include solvents, this CBD won’t harm the consumer or the environment. Solvents can pollute the environment and threaten plant and animal life. Benchmark special process produces the most natural CBD oil with the highest efficacy on the market. These products maintain the true rich terpene and flavonoid profile.

Solvents can also be dangerous for the consumer. When your CBD contains residual solvents, it increases the consumer’s risk of cancer. Some solvents are even toxic. Solvents are just too risky to include in the extraction process.

The only way to effectively bypass these risks is to get CBD that hasn’t been extracted with any solvents at all. Other cannabis companies don’t care about the consumer and use solvents even when they know the harm they can cause. Benchmark special extraction process puts consumers first!

Consistently Superior Extraction Process That’s Scalable

The Benchmark extraction process also ensures consistency. Whether it’s someone’s first or fiftieth time using oils made from this process, they’ll get the same effective CBD oil. No matter how experienced someone is using CBD, Benchmark  believes they deserve the best of the best. Benchmark wants every CBD user to have an amazing experience when using their oils.

There is no other CBD company in the market right now that utilizes this process to the scale that Benchmark does! But they are constructing equipment that will increase production even more! With this new equipment, Benchmark would be able to produce around 300 gallons per day of 8% to 10% finished full-plant extract oil. This equipment can also process 1,650 pounds of top-shelf high-end industrial hemp flower.

This is the most cost-effective method that’s available for this process right now. The cost of just one of these facilities is less than one-fifth the price of a similar processing facility. In addition, every facility produces 100 times the output of a traditional facility!

Bigger Implications of the Technology

This process has potential that extends beyond the CBD industry. It has greater implications for the food industry as a whole because it can infuse and bond just about any lipid or fat. As a result, it can pave the way for creating concentrated versions of:

  • Guajillo chili and hemp bonded ghee
  • Raw sugar infused with full-spectrum plant extract
  • Rosemary, ginger, and eucalypts safflower oil
  • Turmeric and ginger-bonded olive oil
  • Turmeric-bonded 76-degree coconut oil
Extraction That’s Superior for Cannabis Farmers

Another benefit of this extraction method is that it gives cannabis farmers more control over products derived from their crops. Benchmark places these state-of-the-art CBD extraction facilities throughout the country, so farmers from all over are able to take advantage of this process. This superior seed-to-shelf process means farmers know exactly what’s in the CBD oil made from their crops.

Benchmark allows farmers to use their on-site lab for testing, so farmers know their products have consistently high-quality. Benchmark also give cannabis farmers access to our private label program and distribution channels. Because of the extra attention to detail at every step of the cannabis oil’s journey, the result is the very best CBD. No one cares for your CBD oil with the same care that Benchmark does.

Now that this superior method has entered the market, the standard for CBD has been raised! Benchmark hopes that people will stop settling for inferior quality CBD when this extraction product exists.


Roxboro, North Carolina

Open Book Extracts is a vertically-integrated wholesale producer of full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil derived from sun-grown, environmentally-friendly hemp. Our suite of turn-key services includes white labeling, private labeling, and contract manufacturing of CBD oil and infused products. We partner with premium brands to deliver custom product formulations and proprietary packaging solutions to the personal wellness, beauty and pet care industries. Careful control of our supply chain ensures the integrity and traceability of our products. At Open Book, every product starts with hand-selected hemp genetics grown exclusively for us on independently-owned farms. Each batch of oil is processed in our state-of-the-art extraction facility in Roxboro, North Carolina. There, our formulation team tailors the natural health and wellness attributes of CBD oil to custom products that embody our clients’ brands. Popular form factors include body cream, moisturizing lotion, lip balm, tinctures, oil vaporizers and capsules.

Roxboro, North Carolina


1510 Stantonsburg Road

Wilson, NC 27893, USA

At New Spectrum Labs, we manufacture all of our products in a FDA registered facility to maintain the highest safety and ethical standards. We believe in nothing less than quality and integrity for our customers.


Products + Services


  • US Standard Hemp Co, Inc. is a holding company for a diverse range of hemp focused businesses, brands, and consumer products.
  • We organically cultivate, extract and produce hemp products under a portfolio of brands, each designed to fit a target demographic.


  • Produce and partner to create the highest quality organically grown hemp, hemp derivatives, CBD extracts and infused CBD products
  • Consistently deliver quality products, great service and the best price


  • To provide safe and legal access to hemp-derived and infused products for the global consumer marketplace seeking quality products at a great price.


  • Inclusion, transparency, diversity, innovation and partnership.

US Standard Hemp CO
2400 S ERVAY ST #210
Dallas, TX 75215


Bulk Products | (434) 483-6177  | 2525 Houghton Avenue, South Boston, VA 24592

Crude Oil

Crude Oil

NDT Crude Oil

NDT Crude Oil

Full Spectrum Distillate

Full Spectrum Distillate

Broad Spectrum Distillate

Broad Spectrum Distillate




Water Soluble

Water Soluble

Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations



White Labeling

White Labeling